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15 Reasons To Visit Hell’s Gate British Columbia

This post contains affiliate links.   If you’ve ever been to British Columbia then you know that it is a beautiful place, if you haven’t been then you should get here to check it out! There are so many neat places to explore and experience and today I’m going to focus on Hell’s Gate. Here you will find 15 reasons to visit Hell’s Gate British Columbia. Located on the outskirts of Boston Bar, you will find this […]

15 Dishes on the Bahia de Navidad

Mexican cuisine is a favourite of many and there is such a large selection of dishes, therefore it’s hard to decide which ones you should try! While there’s some you crave to savour one more time. Since the Bahia de Navidad is comprised of three small towns: San Patricio – Melaque, Villa Obregon and Barra de Navidad, as a result there are many restaurants to choose from along this stretch and my heavenly cuisine experiences […]

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14 Day West Coast Road Trip – Vancouver BC To Yuma AZ And Back

Who loves to ROAD TRIP??? I know I do!   A quick overview of our 14 day roadtrip: Vancouver, BC to San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Diego, California, to Yuma and Pheonix, Arizona, to Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada and then home. To road trip is by far, my favourite form of travel! For my man, not so much! Although he did enjoy it to a certain extent. 14 Days to cover this […]

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Playa Del Carmen Mexico In November – Hotel Review & Things To Do

This post may contain affiliate links.   I just recently visisted Playa Del Carmen Mexico with my better half. Absolutely beautiful place! It was our home for a week and it was all inclusive at a resort that was chosen for us, as we were attending the wedding of some close friends of ours. The wedding was beautiful by the way. This is the second time I have experienced all inclusive and there was no […]