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3 Days In Koh Phangan Thailand

  We arrived on Koh Phangan on an overnight ferry ride from the mainland of Suratthani. The ferry was old and wooden. The main floor is where all the luggage was piled and the top floor had a very low ceiling and was lined with small mattresses numbered one through eighty. It was very close quarters with a lot of strangers and was definitely a unique experience. Pretty well everyone on the ferry was heading to Koh Phangan for the famous Full Moon Party, as […]

Khao Sok National Park

From Khao Lak it took about two hours to get to Khao Sok by taxi. We were only able to get a bungalow for one night, as that is all that was available. It cost 1100B ($41.20 CAD/$31.47 USD) each for the longtail boat in and 560B ($20.97 CAD/$16.02 USD) each for one night and three meals. It was pretty amazing! The bungalow is floating on the lake and the water is an emerald colour. When we arrived, the manager showed us around and to […]

Khao Lak!

It was a bus ride of about two and a half hours from Krabi Town to Khao Lak. The temperature is high here, especially in March/April…it was about 40-45 degrees celsius. Very little restaurants and stores are open through the day, except the convenience stores, due to the heat. If you are hungry and can’t find an open restaurant, I highly recommend that you DO NOT get a chicken burger from a convenience store. I learned this the hard way and was sick for the […]

Venturing to Koh Phi Phi & Railay

Getting there from Bangkok… Take a night bus to Krabi Town. It is about a 15 hour drive and you can sleep on the bus. We left at 6pm arriving around 9am. Saves you time and money, as you are on your overnight mobile home! Didn’t get to see much of Krabi, as we were catching a ferry to Koh Phi Phi Don! Found a bungalow at Long Beach for the night. It had a mosquito net and a fan. Things to do in Koh […]

Things You Should Do In Bangkok

I spent two days exploring Bangkok, most of the first day was me being lost and Tuk-Tuk-ing around town! But once I was found, I got to work with my real explorations! Here are a few things you should do while in town.   You must go shopping on and around Khao San Road. There are shops and street vendors galore. You will find so many neat things, from shoes — clothes, books, home decor, jewellery — to poi equipment, you name it. Most of the […]

My First 17 Hours in Bangkok

I landed at 11:45pm Thai time. My friend was not at the airport to collect me as we had discussed prior to me leaving. So I made my Collect call home to let my parents know I had arrived. And I waited. I waited until 3am and still no show. I wasn’t overly impressed, especially because I had to get a hotel room for the night near the airport. I went to The Great Residence. It was nice and cozy and it cost 2500Baht ($78 […]