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Mom, A Title Just Above Queen! A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This post contains affiliate links.   Mother’s Day is May 14, 2017!!! It’s time to get to work on your Mom celebrations!!! Mom’s are so special! They give you life and then they give their lives to you. They nurture you, teach you, protect you, love you unconditionally and more. How do you thank someone for that? Because there really is nothing that compares. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t try our darnedest. We still […]

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April Round-Up: Top 5 Blog Posts of the Month

First of all… HAPPY MAY EVERYONE!!! The sunshine is making an appearance more often and the temp is a rising! And thank goodness for that! I am a summer baby and I could pretty much live in extreme heat for the rest of my life. Anyway… I have gathered my top 5 blog posts of April. One of the blogs I have been following for a while now and the rest I have just recently stumbled […]

Earth Day

47 Ways To Master Earth Day

Earth Day’s 47th Birthday is approaching!!! Since it is Earth Day’s 47th birthday, I have gathered a list of 47 ways to spend your Earth Day, or any other day for that matter. As a result, taking part in these activities (or making changes) will help to reduce your carbon footprint and to be more environmentally conscious. Some of these are very simple and easy, while others do require a bit of planning. As well, […]

6 Quotes That Inspire Me Deeply + 9 More

To inspire, to be inspired, to be inspirational… We all need a little inspiration here and there. I look to the sky, nature, books, music, or sometimes I’ll just sit alone in silence…there are many places that inspiration can be found and quotes are one of my favourite corners to look. Here are some of the quotes that resonate with me the most.   1. “I live in a world of fantasy, so keep your […]

How To Turn Your New Years Resolutions Into Lifestyle Choices

So many people, myself included, have made New Years resolutions in hopes to better themselves in the new year…and so many people have trouble with keeping those resolutions going.   Why is that? You might ask…   It’s because people look at making resolutions as a temporary fix, just like a diet. You, myself and everyone else need to make these resolutions into lifestyle choices.   Below, you will find my tips to making your […]

Share Your World – January 2, 2017

My first post of 2017! And looking forward to many more… Thank you Cee’s Photography for this week’s questions!   Would you prefer to receive a unicycle, bicycle, tricycle or motorcycle? I would have to go with a Harley Davidson Street 750. It is the only Harley I can lift haha! And I am saving towards getting my license!   What is one thing you’d like to accomplish this year? Oh 2017… I have quite the list for […]

Share Your World – 2016 Week 49

Here is my first Share Your World post, courtesy of Cee’s Photography. I found this blog event through Thistles and Kiwis. I love the idea and thank you Cee in advance for all the questions to come!   What do you value most in a friendship? You know that friendship that just picks up right where you left off no matter how much time has passed? That is probably the most valuable in a friendship for […]