April Round-Up: Top 5 Blog Posts of the Month

First of all… HAPPY MAY EVERYONE!!!

The sunshine is making an appearance more often and the temp is a rising! And thank goodness for that! I am a summer baby and I could pretty much live in extreme heat for the rest of my life. Anyway… I have gathered my top 5 blog posts of April. One of the blogs I have been following for a while now and the rest I have just recently stumbled upon. Some have really good points and information and some I have absolutely fallen in love with. From helpful and inspiring blogging tips to funny fashion stories, here is my round-up of my favourite blog posts of April.


7 Of The Best Street Art Cities In The World — A New Life Wandering

Mani over at A New Life Wandering has many great posts about travel and lifestyle. But if you’re a lover of art (especially murals and street art) and exploring different cities then this is the post for you. I’m definitely going to have to visit these cities just because of this post. Mani is also the creator of the Weekly Small Pleasures blog event that I now love and take part in. Check out my latest post here and check out her latest post here!



What If I Match My Babysitter? Age Appropriate Shopping Concerns — Fluent In Blonde

I had this gorgeous lady follow me on Instagram the other day…so naturally I mosied-on-over to her Instagram to check it out. She has a great gallery and one of her posts was about dressing your age… This instantly caught my attention, as I am now in the #30club and I fight with this issue every damn day!! SO! I decided to pay her blog a visit to see what this post was all about and I am hooked! She is hilarious and has a fantastic way of writing. Reading a few more posts of hers was a must and I enjoyed each one. I’ll definitely be back for more!



I Guess I Should Tell You… — Helene In Between

I love this girl. She has an amazing blog full of travel, blog information and more. In this post she tells us a little more about herself, which I just love. It’s nice to feel like you know the person behind the beautiful blog. Being real and letting everyone see that she’s a real person with real life things going on. Huge fan!



Open Your Mind To Opportunities to Earn Without Stress — Lifetrap

A great post with motivational words to “Just Do It”. This post contains great points about the excuses that so many of us make that result in us putting things off or not tackling things at all and not fulfilling our dreams. You will not succeed if you don’t try. Before I launched this blog, I kept putting off the launch for quite some time, all because I was worried that I wasn’t good enough and that it wasn’t perfect. Which I am sure there are many others that feel that way too. Then one day, I just decided that it is never going to be perfect, it is always going to be a work in progress and I am always going to continue to learn and grow as a blogger. And here I am! If you need a kick in the butt…read this post!



Third Income Report: How I Earned $1,134.25 Blogging in April — Krista Aoki

Okay, this one is actually not from April (it was posted yesterday, May 1/17), but it is about April and I just had to share it anyway because I love it! I’ve seen tons of blog income report posts and most of them will say something like… “How I made $6,000 this month”. This post, however, has been the most inspiring and informational Blog Income Report for me to read. The fact that it has a lower number than all the others makes it feel like a more realistic read for a beginner blogger such as myself. The other ones (although great posts) that provide higher numbers can seem quite overwhelming and intimidating sometimes, though, as a newbie I think you should still read them. I loved this post by Krista and will be back for more.



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What blog readings did you enjoy in April? Please share below!

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