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This Veggie Quinoa Casserole Is Jam-Packed With Goodness

This post may contain affiliate links.   Veggie Quinoa Casserole is jam-packed with good for you ingredients. Plus a little extra goodness…and by extra goodness, I mean CHEESE!!! Who doesn’t love cheese? Other than those who don’t eat it of course… But even if you don’t eat it, whether your lactose free, vegan, etc. you can totally customize this casserole to suit your preferences! Switch up the vegetables, the seasonings, or the cheese if you […]

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Look What I Found On My Doorstep: Fall Reading List 2017

This post may contain affiliate links.   September is here… The morning air is getting crisp. The foggy sunrises have started and the colours of fall are slowly making an appearance. With the days getting cooler, it’s just so easy to cozy up with that pumpkin spice latte (or just a regular coffee) and a good read. Oh and don’t forget the comfy socks!! 😉 If you read my last book list post, you will know that I […]

Why Is FabFitFun So Awesome? FabFitFun Summer Box 2017

This post may contain affiliate links.   Well this is a little late, but it’s still summer! 😉 I’ve said it before and I will say it again… I love FabFitFun! It is such a great subscription box with full size products, how could you go wrong? I don’t think you can. I look forward to this box each season and this one just may be my favourite to date. Check out what was inside […]

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Product Review: Lush’s Cup O’Coffee Face and Body Mask

This post may contain affiliate links.   Have you heard of Lush? First of all, I love what’s behind Lush! Their products are organic, handmade, vegan friendly, and made with fresh fruit, vegetables, butters, clays and essential oils. They also fight animal testing and do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. They have come up with a reusable gift wrap that they call Knot-Wraps. Not only are they beautiful, but they can be reused […]

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Camping 101: How To Survive The Weekend In a Camper Of Sorts

This post may contain affiliate links. My love and I recently went to Hope, BC to visit his parents for the weekend. You see, they have a camper at Hope River RV Park that they have been spending the weekends at. My father in-law retired this past week and we went down to celebrate and decided that we would stay a couple nights so we could enjoy the festivities. So my mother in-law rented out […]

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Cooking With Asparagus – 5 Delicious Asparagus Recipes You Must Try

This post may contain affiliate links.   I used to hate asparagus, but over the years it has grown on me significantly, probably because as a kid I had to eat everything on my plate even if I didn’t like it…lol. I have discovered a few asparagus recipes that I really enjoy. Wether you like asparagus or not, it’s just so darn good for you that you should just eat it anyway! That’s actually how I […]

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I Wanna Be A Lushie – Lush Haul #1

This post may contain affiliate links.     I received a gift card this past Christmas for Lush! Woot woot! I am already a huge fan of Lush for who they are, their practices and especially their products!! So to get a gift card for this awesome company definitely put a smile on my face and gave me every reason to order and share my first Lush Haul!   A little bit about Lush… All of […]

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Acceptance Of The Blogger Recognition Award — And Nominations

    Just a week ago, I received a message from this awesome lady, telling me that she was nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! How cool is that? First of all, I’m really excited about this! And second, how cool is that? Seriously. So today is the exciting day that I share my Acceptance of the Blogger Recognition Award — And Nominations! But first, I have to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! […]

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15 Reasons To Visit Hell’s Gate British Columbia

This post contains affiliate links.   If you’ve ever been to British Columbia then you know that it is a beautiful place, if you haven’t been then you should get here to check it out! There are so many neat places to explore and experience and today I’m going to focus on Hell’s Gate. Here you will find 15 reasons to visit Hell’s Gate British Columbia. Located on the outskirts of Boston Bar, you will find this […]

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Mom, A Title Just Above Queen! A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This post contains affiliate links.   Mother’s Day is May 14, 2017!!! It’s time to get to work on your Mom celebrations!!! Mom’s are so special! They give you life and then they give their lives to you. They nurture you, teach you, protect you, love you unconditionally and more. How do you thank someone for that? Because there really is nothing that compares. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t try our darnedest. We still […]